Planning Board Minutes February 20, 2019 7:00 p.m. PRESENT: David Paterniti – Chairman James Butler Janet Briggs Linda Anderson Diane VanDewark Absent: Robert Whitman PRESENT: Matt Churchill - 4515 Gleason Road LLC and Diane Hendrix - Architect Chairman David Paterniti called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Chairman Paterniti noted the Planning Board had received an application for Site Plan Review from 4515 Gleason Road, LLC for two additions totaling 6,200+ square foot to the existing building located at 4515 Gleason Road. Property is owned by 4515 Gleason Road LLC (a/k/a Water Street Brass) and known as Section 384.00, Block 3, Lot 12 of the official tax map of the Town of Busti. Property is in the Light Manufacturing and Research and Development District (LMR). Mr. Paterniti noted Attorney Joel Seachrist had prepared 617.20 Appendix B, Short Environmental Assessment Form and the State Environmental Quality Review Negative (SEQR) Declaration Notice of Determination of Non-Significance; he presented the documents to the Planning Board for their review. It has been determined that the proposed project will not have a significant environmental impact and a Draft Impact Statement will not be prepared. Chairman Paterniti asked Clerk Nygren to read the following Negative Declaration resolution. RESOLUTION WHEREAS, Gleason Road LLC (a/k/a Water Street Brass) (hereinafter, the “Applicant”) has submitted a building permit application that would allow it to construct two additions to its current facility at 4515 Gleason Road, totaling approximately 6,200 square feet, on a 9.033 acre parcel designated on the Chautauqua County tax map as Section 384.00, Block 3, Lot 12, and WHEREAS, the Town of Busti Zoning Code requires the Town Planning Board to conduct site plan review for new commercial and industrial buildings, and WHEREAS, the proposed site plan has been subject to environmental review pursuant to Article 8 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law (State Environmental Quality Review Act), including the preparation and review of a short Environmental Assessment Form, and WHEREAS, Part 617 of the implementing regulations pertaining to the State Environmental Quality Review Act requires this Board to determine and give notice of the environmental impact of the proposed plan, and WHEREAS, the Board has determined that the proposed plan will not have a significant environmental impact, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Planning Board hereby approves Parts I and II of the Environmental Assessment Form, issues the attached Notice of Determination of Non-Significance, also known as a Negative Declaration, for the proposed use, and authorizes the Chairman to complete and sign the Environmental Assessment Form accordingly. James Butler moved to approve the resolution which was seconded by Janet Briggs. All in favor, none opposed. Carried. Architect Diane Hendrix reviewed the Enlarged Site Plan, there will be two additions totaling 6,213 square feet. The elevations of the additions will be the same as the existing building with matching roofs. One addition will be high rack storage and the other will be used for manufacturing. There will be no change to the parking lot except for some leveling. The traffic flow should remain the same, there is an average of 4-5 trucks accessing the facility per day. There will be improvements to the overall structure, including removal of roof top units, cleaning up the exterior, and updates to the existing building. The anticipated completion date is Fall of 2019. Note: Chautauqua County Division of Planning and Community Development’s response, dated February 19, 2019, to the municipal zoning referral found the proposed action to have no significant county-wide or inter-community impact and that the proposal would be a matter of local concern. (copy attached) Linda Anderson motioned to grant the application of 4515 Gleason Road LLC to construct two additions to its current facility, located at 4515 Gleason Road, totaling approximately 6,200 square feet; motion was duly moved by James Butler. All in favor, none opposed. Carried. James Butler moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:23 p.m.; duly moved by Linda Anderson. Respectfully given, _____________________ Darlene H. Nygren Town Clerk